4 Tips for a Fabulous Event


I started my company because many people would come to me and say “Your event was so awesome and I really enjoyed myself!” This type of reaction has always been my ultimate goal when planning any event from a small gathering at home to weddings with 300+ guest lists. The following are ways for you to have a fabulous event:

  1. Have a clear understanding of your budget and supportive resources. Knowing how much you have to spend will assist in allocating dollars to each cost for the event. Understanding your supportive resources are key. These would be access to free venues, reduced cost items using discounts such as coupons or bulk purchases. Volunteer service providers would also be an example of this.
  2. Create a vision for what you would like your event to look like. For help with vision creation and creativity, I suggest http://www.eventsforlessatl.com. Once you create the vision, you are able to establish themes that tie the event together throughout the course of the event.
  3. Know your audience. You have to have a clear understanding of what your guests may be expecting from your special event and plan accordingly. For example, if you invite your guests to a dinner party, gain their perspective on what type of atmosphere they would prefer to have. Once you have spoken to your guests, blend their perspectives for an ideal event that provides variety. If you would like to have a higher end dinner party that still has a laid back feel, try food stations.
  4. Add a personal touch to your event.  By adding a personal personal touch, this makes your guests feel welcomed and appreciated for having attended the event. The personal touch could be a gift goodie bag or even a small gift such as a handmade craft item.

The suggestions listed above are a great way to get started when thinking about the next fabulous event in your life. Events for Less will be sending more ideas soon!

Author-Mia Martin, Owner of Events for Less. Located in Atlanta, GA

Events for Less


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