Just “Say No” to Wedding Planning

Have things been crazy at work? Have you become the queen or king of multi-tasking? When your day is over, is there no time for wedding websites or inspiration boards? Are you purposely avoiding phone calls from friends because you want no more advice around how to plan your wedding? Let me guess, you have 31 unread e-mails for wedding promotional offers that keep staring at you everytime you open your phone. STOP TAKE A DEEP BREATH! IT’S OKAY!

You can take this time to realize that you are not any less fabulous because you don’t have time to create themes, ideas, or plan your wedding. It is okay to be busy with things that you are used to being busy with. There are companies such as Events For Less that can help you maintain your work-life and “life-life” balance. There is no need to divide yourself into so many pieces. You also should not feel guilty for investing in yourself and one of the biggest days of your life. Let Events for Less help you understand how to create a wedding website, wedding registry, how to order invitations, create inspiration boards, develop themes, find vendors, and not beat yourself up for missing a few bridal shows. Are you willing to allow yourself to have more time for yourself?

Author-Mia Martin, Owner of Events for Less

Events for Less



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