6 Brunch Planning Tips for the Busy Professional

  Let’s face it. The weekdays can be very busy with work, school, errands, and many other activities. The weekends are a great time to catch up with family and friends. However, planning a brunch may seem like a difficult task to the busy business professional. Here are six steps to help you plan an awesome brunch.

  1. Invite your guests at least a week out and confirm attendance at least two days prior to the brunch. This will allow you to plan for food and decor quantities. 
  2. Create a vision of how you would like the brunch to look.  Pinterest is a great place to start. Once you have identified the look of the brunch, list out all items that are needed to support the event and place costs next to each item so that you can create a budget and adjust items as needed.
  3. Decorate for your brunch the night before. This will help you save time the day of the event as well as allow for you to pick up anything that may be missing before the event starts. 
  4. Cut-up any foods that will be cooked into your meal the night before and place in sealed containers. If you have side items that can be kept warm in crock pots, this will also help streamline serving when your complete meal is ready. 
  5. Clean up as you cook. By doing so, you will have more time to get ready before your guests arrive. It is also okay to wear a cute apron when your guests arrive and while you are serving food. 
  6. Use picture frames as a great way to display menus and welcome signs in the theme of your event. 

These 6 Steps can help you have a fun time with family or friends without taking too much planning time out of your busy work week.


Author-Mia Martin, Owner of  Events for Less. Atlanta, GA.


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