What can Catwoman teach you about your business model?


  Agility or nimbleness is the ability to change the body’s position efficiently, and requires the integration of isolated movement skills using a combination of balancecoordinationspeedreflexesstrength, and endurance as defined by Wikipedia. 

Catwoman has many traits. However, agility is one that allows her to triump over her competition. When developing your business model, positioning is key because it demonstrates how you will differentiate yourself from your competition. Balance of high quality customer service and coordination of innovative and organized leadership will help you set yourself apart. As you continue to develop your brand, it will gain strength and be able to endure competition in the marketplace that you operate in.

Here are four steps to assist you when developing a business model:

  1. Understand the problem that you are solving in the marketplace with your product or service.
  2. Start with a small group of customers within a certain segment or niche in order to capture feedback and adjust as needed. 
  3. Understand the “special touch” that you want to add to your business so that you stand out from the rest. For example, after enjoying a great dinner at Craft Izakaya, the server brought cotton candy to me as a small sweet treat. This sweet and small gesture helped the restaurant stand out from my consumer perspective.
  4. Find ways to offer special value  through effective promotion and or pricing strategies. This can assist with increased levels of perceived value when you are offering a great product or service.

Author- Mia Martin, Owner of Events for Less



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