Little Known Secrets to Boost SEO


A great way to relax in the evenings as well as stimulate your creative thinking is to watch the show “Shark Tank“. While watching the show, I was shocked to discover how many times I heard “SEO”. While developing a business, SEO is key. However, developing ways to boost your SEO may be a difficult task for a new business owner. 

Here are a few ways to help you boost your SEO.

  1. BLOG-Blogging will help you boost your search engine visibility, establish brand recognition and assist with keeping your audience engaged. 
  2. BACKLINKING– Effective use of backlinking while blogging is key. Pay close attention to backlinking rules in order to avoid having your ranking dropped by Google.
  3. IMAGES– Infographics can be just as effective as a photo and are convenient for quick reference.
  4. VIDEOS -Videos can be versatile, affordable and in most cases free. 
  5. PODCASTING– Podcasting can be a great way to entertain your target audience while educating them about your business.
  6. NEWSLETTERS offering a monthly newsletter can keep your target audience engaged. You can also use the newsletter to outline upcoming promotions.
  7. FREE WHITE PAPERS– Understand the types of information that would be helpful to your audience and offer it for free on your site in the form of a Whitepaper.

The tips outlined above can help you with SEO and with building your customer base. For more assistance with new business start-ups, SEO, and Digital Marketing strategies check out Mia Martin, Owner of Events for Less



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