Hack for Portable Desserts

Cupcakes done

After posting my luxury Events For Less cupcakes on Facebook, many people asked: “How did you make your cupcakes portable?” The following are steps for ensuring your cupcakes get to their destination safely while looking great!

You will need the following materials:

  • Bouquet of silk flowers-Pull the blooms off of the stem
  • Roll of Shrink wrap-Cut 6″X6″ squares
  • One pack of clear plastic cups-Make sure they are large enough to fit a cupcake
  • Tissue Paper in your color of choice-Cut 3″x3″ squares
  • One pack of clear or patterned treat bags
  • Ribbon-Cut into 7″ strips
  • Cupcakes that do not have frosting on them yet
  • Pastry bag loaded with frosting of your choice and tipped
  • Clear tape


Step 1: Crumble tissue paper and place at bottom of plastic cup.

Step 2: Sit Cupcake in cup

Step 3: Ice your cupcake. Make sure to leave 1/4 inch space at top so that you can cover.

Step 4: Place shrink wrap square on top of cupcake cup

Step 5: Blow dry so that wrap shrinks around cup

Covered Cupcakes

Step 6: Place cup in treat bag

Step 7: Twist bag and tie ribbon at base of cupcake cup top

Step 8: Spread out the bag at the top

Cupcake Wrapped

Step 9: Double side tape silk flower to top of cupcake top

Step 10: Place in a decorative basket or on decorative tray

For more supportive event planning ideas, visit the Events For Less.


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