Are You Really Selling Your Skills?


As a professional you should be marketing your skill-sets as much as you market the company you work for. If you are pursuing advancement or connections with key players that can help change your career, considering your online presence should be at the forefront in this age of technology.When networking with others, your first step may be to connect on LinkedIn. However, does your LinkedIn profile best showcase your talents? Are you selling yourself short by not outlining all that you have to offer? If a potential client, mentor, or employer searches for you on other social media sites, what will they find? Do you have professional and public social media profiles? Do your social media accounts speak to what you have to offer and your personal brand? YOU ARE THE BEST PRODUCT THAT YOU WILL EVER SELL.
Desktop lady
If you are looking to take the next step in your career or best market your skills as a freelancer, marketing yourself is key. There are several ways to utilize digital marketing to better enhance your online presence.
  • Establish an effective LinkedIn profile that best showcases your skill-sets and experience. You deserve to take credit for your hard work.
  • Establish a professional landing page. This will act as a detailed marketing sheet for your skill-sets as well as give employers and clients the opportunity to contact you.
  • Create professional and public social media accounts so that you can keep your audience engaged and launch ad campaigns as applicable.
  • Create a blog to help share your best practices and ideas with your target audience because it will give you a chance to offer assistance to those who need it and demonstrate your skills to those who may be looking for them.
While working as a busy professional, you may not have time to develop content, update your sites regularly or post to best connect with your target audience. Mia Martin of Events For Less makes showcasing your best self easier for the business professional and freelancer. By utilizing effective Digital Marketing and networking strategies, Mia can help you showcase your brand to best represents your offerings. In addition to marketing you, Mia Martin can also show you how your marketing plan performs by reviewing analytic reports for your social media accounts and landing pages. By building your online presence, it will help you connect with more individuals that can have an overall effect on your career and additional opportunities. The opportunities may come in the form of following:
  • Exposure to new career paths, job openings or potential clients
  • Advancement opportunities based on the right person seeing skills that they may not have been exposed to prior to your marketing efforts
  • Increase in connections for assistance with projects, business deals and supportive events
  • Positive network of mentors to gain career guidance from

Take advantage of the opportunity to market yourself!



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