10 Weekly Steps to Grow Your Brand

10 Weekly Steps to Market & Grow

1.) LAY IT ALL OUT-Set a marketing schedule for the week. Chances are, you have a schedule for the month. By taking time at the start of the day to chart out your agenda, it will help you stay on track with your goals and tasks for the day.
2.) HOUR OF POWER- Use this hour once per week to create content. Even if you have content created for the week, take the time to create more content and save it just in case you run into any unplanned time stealers. You will be thankful for this later. This content can also be loaded into Hootsuite for a quick social media post at a later time.
3.) THUMBS UP-Take time to engage with your followers on social media by responding to their comments, making comments on their pages and sharing helpful tools with them.
4.) CHECK YOURSELF-Review your social media sites to ensure that the information, images, and articles posted best reflect the message that you are trying to send to your target audience. There should be consistency of content that connects with your brand. However, don’t be afraid to make changes. By analyzing how people respond to the content that you post, this will help you decide on what type of content your target market prefers.
5.) DO YOUR RESEARCH-Evaluate your target market by researching articles and social media pages of those that fit your target audience. This will allow you to stay abreast of current trends and develop content that better connects with your audience.
6.) WHO ARE YOUR ROLE MODELS?- Understand your Influencers and if you have not already, identify those individuals or companies that influence how you want to approach your brand. Review their communications for ideas on how to connect with your audience.
7.) DO YOU HAVE THE APP?- Use LinkedIn and take the time to update your skills, experience, interests, relevant posts and connect with individuals that you could share a mutually beneficial relationship with. Before connecting, ask yourself “What can I offer to this individual and how can they help me?”
8.) WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK- Network because almost every place you go is an opportunity to network. Now, this does not mean hand your business cards out to every person that you see. However, it does mean that you should stay engaged with what is going on around you. Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation in a coffee shop or with a person from an entirely different industry. You may be surprised by how much you may be able to help each other. Most genuine conversations lead to genuine connections that can be utilized in the now or at a later time. If you are more introverted and the idea of having a conversation with a stranger is making you sweat right now, challenge yourself to more group based networking events where you can raise your hand and ask questions. Once your question is answered, this opens the door for you to be recognizable to presenters after events and feel more comfortable connecting with them.
9.) PICK A CARD BUT NOT ANY CARD- Take the time to have cards designed that connect with the spirit of your brand. By having business cards, it allows you to not only provide contact information but also open the door to ask for a business card from a potential connection. Don’t be afraid to also ask the potential connection if they are on LinkedIn and let them know that you are sending a request that day. If you use your LinkedIn app within the same day, most potential connections will add you that day if they use LinkedIn regularly. Follow-up with your connections by sharing a quick thank you note. Sharing weekly posts also helps your connections feel more connected with what you are up to and the vision of your brand.
10.) PROFESSIONAL SQUAD GOALS- Partner with professional friends, colleagues, and organizations that support your vision. Volunteer by offering your time and service in exchange for theirs. This helps you expand your reach while giving back to those with shared interests. Also, be genuine with your squad but don’t be weird. Your professional squad should want to advance their business or personal brand as much as you do. Therefore, time together should be used to grow your skills and businesses and not for conversations you may want to save for a different group of friends.

By developing and sharing good content, and staying engaged with your audience, you can continue to grow your personal or small business brand. Implementing the steps outlined requires consistency and dedication to your brand. If you need more help with branding, check out Events For Less. We offer Branding Bootcamps for personal and small business branding.


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