Where did I put that idea?

When managing a business, blogging may be the last thing on your mind due to the massive list of responsibilities you have with day to day operations. Many businesses choose to hire professional bloggers to assist with their blogging efforts while others face the challenge head on with hopes of growing their audience. Chances are, if you started your own business, you probably have a creative streak that makes occasional appearances. The key to growing your audience is partnering that creative streak with what your audience needs. Ask yourself questions such as: What information can my audience benefit from? What type of free tools could help them grow their business or brand?

What you are writing should offer some benefit and potentially solve a problem for someone in your audience. Here are some ways that you can keep track of what you want to write while offering help to larger audiences of people.


Evernote is a great tool to help your store your blogging ideas while you are on the go. You can create notes with info, links, etc.  These nice little notes can be used to outline your next big blog idea and help you prevent forgetting the idea. Big ideas, little details, and everything in between. Anything that matters to you can be captured in a note, ready for when you need it. The tool is free with upgrade options.



Trello can be used to categorize your ideas using lists on boards. As creative ideas pop in your head, you can add “cards” that have a variety of features to help you stay organized and assign deadlines. These cards can even be placed under categories.


Typed Doc

If you want to keep it old school, you can use a plain Word doc to type up your creative ideas as they hit you throughout the day. I would suggest creating folders on your desktop for categories and saving the Word docs in folders based on topics. This may be an easier way to ease into writing blog posts for new writers. The process is a little less intimidating.

Blog Journal

Do you love going through the stationary section of office supply stores? Maybe you spend 30 minutes or more looking at journals in TJ Maxx or Michael’s. If you love being able to keep a journal with you, using a journal can be a great way to capture your Blog posts. This is for the person that does not mind retyping things after they have written them.

Now that you have a few ways to keep track of your Blog ideas, don’t forget to plan your Blog posts. Here is a free Blog Planner from Designer Blog.


10 Warrior Strategies Using Links & Hacks to Grow Your Business


When you’re in a service-based or consulting business, having robust processes in place is the key to growing your businesses. There may be several businesses that offer the same service or product but the key to success is being able to differentiate yourself in the marketplace. The following are useful materials that will assist you with staying abreast of marketing techniques as well as ways to differentiate your business. These tools will also help you build your skills while crafting a successful image of your personal or professional brand.

A Complete Checklist for Social Media Managers

This guide by Social Times shows you how and when to engage with your audience.

How to Make More with a Social Media Plan

This post by Events For Less helps you understand your target audience, where to potentially find them and the best times to reach them.

Social Media Marketing Cheat Sheet

This guide by 360i uk shows you how to best utilize each social media platform.

7-Step Social Media Marketing Plan

This guide by Sprout Social shows you how to maximize your social media strategy.

The Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Marketing

This guide by Juntae DeLane helps beginners navigate their way through social media

5 Tips to Improve your Content Marketing Strategy

This post by Business 2 Community outlines how to set realistic goals for your Content Marketing strategy and how to measure for success.

How to Get Better at E-Mail Marketing

This guide by Monique Malcolm helps you craft professional and creative e-mail marketing campaigns.

How to Boost Your Email Marketing Open Rates

This blog post by Force Marketing helps you understand how to maximize your content when utilizing e-mail marketing campaigns.

How to Get Word of Mouth

This post by Referral Candy gives awesome real life success stories of businesses that creatively applied strategies to grow their brands.

How to Build a Reputation When You’ve Just Started Your Business – Five Simple Steps

This entertaining video from Marie Forleo is very helpful with explaining how to get your business off to a great start!

The posts listed above are just some of the many great tools that can be used to assist with growing your business. For more helpful ideas around how to grow your business using digital marketing and events, check out Events For Less!


Tips for Event Planning

Tips for Event Planning

Some of you Event Planners and Small Business owners out there may be wondering “What is SEO?” I am here to help you answer this question. S.E.O. stands for Search Engine Optimization. The next question that you may be asking yourself is “What does that mean?” Search Engine Optimization is basically how people find your business website in search engines. When you build your presence through Blogging, Social Media, Directories, etc. this helps build your content on the internet which can help increase web traffic to your company website. Building content can take time and you should not have to spend more time on your blog and Facebook than Mark Zuckerberg. As an Event Planner, you always have to stay abreast of the hottest trends and ways to maximize time and resources and how to best connect with your clients. Your content marketing strategy should not be as hard as Cheryl’s Math Problem. Therefore, here are 7 tips to help you with your Content Marketing Strategy.

  1. Review Content Marketing Strategies on YouTube and Follow Content Marketers on Facebook and Twitter. I would suggest following Jeff Bullas, Inc., and Jasmine Sandler There are many great people and companies to follow but I would start with those outlined.
  2. Create a Blog Calendar for yourself and commit to blogging at least once per week. It is easy to become discouraged when trying to develop blog topics. However, think about the type of information that your clients would enjoy most and develop best practices around that area. helpful and free ideas are great to offer your clients.
  3. Make sure that your business webpage is listed on Google By having your site listed using Google Business it allows local customers to find you by business name.
  4. If you would like for your business webpage to rank higher, you will want to use tools such as Google Adwords in order to understand what types of words to place on your webpage as well as blog posts. These Keywords help clients find your site when looking for exact or like content. You can even purchase certain Adwords from Google and for select periods of time so that your site ranks higher when clients are looking for an Event Planner.
  5. Make sure that your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are updated daily, this lets your audience know that you are still there and allows you to build content for your Google Ranking. As an event planner you can share best practices around kid’s parties, wedding event planning, being the best birthday planner, how to lead with class with baby shower event planning and just being the best total party planner. As a reminder, helpful and Free Ideas are great to offer your clients.
  6. Start a company board on Pinterest and pin relevant content to your audience. This is a great way to show off some of your creative event design ideas as well.
  7. Use apps such as Fiverr to create 3D videos that could be as cheap as $5! Videos are a great way to provide visual aids to your clients as well as assist with building content for your website.

The ideas listed above should help you get started with your Content Marketing strategy. Be on the look-out for more helpful hints from Events For Less. If you need a detailed Content Marketing Strategy and do not have the time, check out my Digital Marketing Services Page.